Robotic monitorng and surveillance

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Activity Report – 2005 ISR-Lisbon Associate Laboratory

Associate Laboratory – Institute for Systems and Robotics – ISR - Lisbon
Thematic Area C: Sustainable Technologies and Environmental Systems

Activity Report



During 2005 activities were developed at different levels, as follows:

  1. Studies aiming the development of more efficient systems of combustion were developed, considering aspects related to energy consumption, pollutant emissions or even noise.

  2. Modeling of hybrid propulsion systems was developed, aiming to attain optimal systems for the operation of fleets with minimal environment impact and minimal energy consumption.

  3. Analyzing the economy metabolism along the last decades, which corresponded to a period of continuous material consumption. The empirical analysis was based on the study of the evolution of the Portuguese economy that during the last two decades of the twentieth century can be associated to a transitional economy.

  4. Characterizing the environmental impacts of different products and services, and deriving its policy implications.

  5. Understanding of the controlling mechanisms of carbon cycling in European ecosystems, and the impact of climate change and variability, and changing land management on the European carbon balance. Our main goal is to understand the controlling processes and mechanisms of carbon cycling in European ecosystems and how these are affected by climate change and variability and human management. In the area of forest fires, models for national fuel characterization have been developed, having in mind to contribute for the modeling processes of forest fire propagation.

  6. Diversified activities were conducted with implications in the contribution to economic growth of scientific and technological knowledge and innovation.


PhD researchers (staff) - 9

PhD researchers (Post-Doctoral fellows) –12 (from which 4 foreign)

PhD students - 15 (from which 1 foreign)

MSc students – 22

Engineers – 18

Technicians - 6


A - Publications



Books (author)



Books (editor)



Books (chapters in books)



Papers in international journals



Papers in national journals


B - Comunications



In international conferences



In national conferences


C- Reports


D – Organization of Seminars and Conferences


International Events



Seminars and internal workshops


E – Advanced Training



Ph.D Thesis (concluded)



M.Sc Thesis (concluded)






Ph.D Thesis (in progress)



M.Sc Thesis (in progress)


F - Models


G – Software Applications


H - Pilot Instalations


I - Laboratory Prototypes


J - Patents


K - Awards


L – Invited Oral Presentations

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